Monday, April 7, 2008

Report of Public Meeting, Mullumimby 5.4.08

St John's Hall Mullumbimby - Sat 5 April 10.30 am

The panelists were:
Ray Darney (Director of Planning, Byron Shire Council) - who answered the questions (copies available from Deb) - written answers to the questions have been requested.

NOTE: Ray said if Wws put in a new or revised DA that there will be a public meeting where we can make submissions - see video on website )

Rose Wanchap (Director of Red Rose Realty) spoke about values and community in relation to ownership of land - also the hidden agenda - possible financial support to potential council candidates.

Kali Wendorf, (Social Ecologist and Editor of Kindred Magazine) spoke about family living from sustainable and well-being perspective and the impact of a large supermarket on children in our community.

Helena Norberg-Hodge (Founder and Director of ISEC - International Society for Community and Ecology) (try googling her: v interesting) internationally recognised pioneer of the world-wide "localisation" movement and leading analyst of the impact of globilisation on economies and culture.

John Dolman (Manager of Santos) spoke about money circulation within the local economy (google 'Local Multiplier Effect').

Meeting was attended by about 200 people.
Deborah Lilly welcomed the audience
Anthea Amore facilitated the meeting
panellists gave 5 min talk each and then answered questions from audience
Jack Travis did power point display of questions to Ray Darney
Anthea took questions from the audience
Deborah explained MCAN overall aims, campaign goals, and MCAN sub-committees
More questions and suggestions from floor for individual and community action such as a UTube video specifically aimed at teenagers about the effects of a supermarket on a small community; interview with Macca on Australia All Over
Sausage sizzle (vegetarian & meat) & home-made soft drinks & tomato sauce
Song by Jenni Cargill-Strong 'Yellow Taxi' words changed to fit our campaign
musical accompaniment by Diti Dickson & David Hall

Mood of the meeting: Rapt attention to the panellists; probing questions to Ray Darney from BSC; disturbed local asking if Woolworth's had bought the two pubs in Mullum; more information wanted on the traffic effects (eg one-way system) in Mullum if Wws come - and promise by Ray Darney that if Woolworths put in a new DA there will be a public meeting so locals can make submissions.

Where to from here: MCAN will be having special meeting to discuss the structure of their group and strategies in a couple of weeks.
Appeal for legal help and funding brought immediate donations of $90 (including a $50 note)

There is an account of the meeting and video (with press quality photo) on our website Incidentally, a PR person from Woolworth's Clare Buchanan, requested that they send a representative to our meeting to give a 'Woolworth's perspective'. We declined their offer, at this time.

This meeting demonstrated one of the Guiding Principles of our Campaign in action - that of strengthening SOCIAL CAPITAL - we worked together as a team, functioning as a community enterprise respecting, supporting and valuing each other's contributions to make the meeting the success it was - informing people about the effects of globalisation and the importance of localisation. Most important of all, we stimulated people's thinking!